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Aaton LTR 32 16mm movie camera with lens

Aaton LTR 32 16mm movie camera with lens

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Aaton LTR 32 16mm movie camera With Lens, Mag & Wooden Handle (not Super 16 S16)

In good condition, runs very smooth and quiet at all speeds.
Can attach a digital camera for video tap as it has the internals already installed.
As with many Aaton cameras this one has been upgraded as can be seen on the handgrip side, not entirely sure what the upgrade does as I was informed the Aaton xtr had a similar upgrade to add IO ports however this one does something different.
Comes with the handgrip, battery, charger, magazine, angenieux 9.5-57mm f1.6 to f2.2 lens.
The camera and lens are both Aaton mount.
Aaton mount to arri bayonet lens adapters are readily available for less than £100 so you can use a huge variety of arri mount lenses on it.
Does not include the follow focus and monitor in the pictures.

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