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Aaton LTR 54 super 16mm movie camera

Aaton LTR 54 super 16mm movie camera

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Aaton LTR 54 super 16mm movie camera.

comes with Aaton side handle, 2x 400ft Magazines, charger, 3 batteries, lens (as pictured) and an Arri standard to Aaton Adapter.

The camera has power going to it, the lights come on however there is an unknown issue on the main circuit board that is preventing it communicating with the motor (the motor appears to be good working order). Will need an electrical technician to diagnose and replace the faulty part on the board.

The viewfinder screen and optics need cleaning as they are a little foggy right now (potentially cheaper to just replace an optical element).

The magazines need the belts replaced which on CameraMarket can be found for around £30 a piece so it’s a fairly cheap thing to do.

The rubber mag guides also need replacing.

Priced low.

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